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Five Pieces to Assemble After the Quarantine

Five Pieces to Assemble After the Quarantine

by Molly Lanzarotta
The lover who decides to stay / understands—like you, standing too close on the train— / it’s all about the distance we keep, or give away.


by Claire Taylor
yes, my love / I know / a pillow can be forts and mountains / stepping-stones that slide / on hardwood floors and end / in tears.
The Poem of the World

The Poem of the World

by Scudder Parker
reveals itself / like a doe’s hoof tapping ice / till she can drink.
In Her Last Days

In Her Last Days

by Peter J. Dudley
the chemo has burned out / and hospice watches / with tender eyes
Directions Back to Childhood

Directions Back to Childhood

by Judith Waller Carroll
Turn left at the first sign of progress / and follow the old highway / along the Stillwater River.
Saving Sgt. Billings

Saving Sgt. Billings

by Kari Gunter-Seymour
We did what we could, / hid the bottles, drove what / was left of him deep / into the yawning hollow
First Nail

First Nail

by Brendan Constantine
I take your portrait down to clean / and notice the scar of another / hanging, painted over.
The Noon Executions

The Noon Executions

by Susan M. Gelles
They heard the shots, and the cheers, and every Saturday night they drank to celebrate the everlasting strength of the regime.
Silent Night

Silent Night

by Mary Liza Hartong
Winter was still holding onto spring like a child who refuses to leave her blanket at home.
It all began around a campfire…

Beautiful language

is meant to be heard as well as read, and in fact words were vocalized eons before they were ever committed to clay or parchment. Storytelling began around campfires. We seek prose and poetry that continue the tradition.

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