“Take Your Choice,” oil on canvas, by John Frederick Peto, 1885.

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The First 100 Words  The first 100 words of your manuscript are as important as all the words that follow. They comprise a first impression. They set the tone and introduce your writing style. If poorly chosen, they may be the only words an editor reads. The purpose of The First 100 Words is to share one editorial staff’s insights into that narrow literary domain, to chart the pitfalls and headlong plunges that inspire frontline readers to reject manuscripts, often without bothering to finish them.

The Lascaux Review Volume 7   Stories, poems, and essays by Beth Bilderback, Benjamin Cutler, Lisa Dordal, Steve Edwards, Angie Ellis, Valentina Gnup, Jonathan Greenhause, Alexandra Grimm, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Patricia Hale, Karen Paul Holmes, Jordana Jacobs, EM Jennings, Kyra Kondis, Jim Krosschell, Kathryn Kulpa, A.D. Lauren-Abunassar, Katharyn Howd Machan, Douglas W. Milliken, Randy Osborne, Simon Perchik, Jeff Somers, and Samantha Storey.

The Lascaux Prize Volume Six  The winners and finalists of The Lascaux Review’s short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction contests. Short works by Margaret Adams, Threa Almontaser, Derek Annis, Katherine Ayars, Partridge Boswell, Tom Boswell, George Choundas, Karlyn Coleman, Rebecca Foust, Sean Gill, Carlos Andrés Gómez, torrin a. greathouse, Stephanie Hutton, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Zoë Johnson, Miriam Karmel, Joy Kennedy-O’Neill, Margaret Koger, Suki Litchfield, Isabel Mae, Lauren Lynn Matheny, Steve McDonald, Karen McIntyre, Bailey Merlin, Robert Murray, Dina Peone, Michelle Ross, Claire Scott, Leona Sevick, Amie Sharp, Sue Showalter, Julie Marie Wade, Clare Weze, Mary Wolff, and Olga Zilberbourg.

The Lascaux Prize Volume Five  The winners and finalists of The Lascaux Review’s flash fiction, short story, and poetry contests. Short works by Jen Bergmark, Anna Bernstein, Bethany Bowman, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Maurine Haltiner, Andrea Hansell, Jackleen Holton, David Jauss, Lois P. Jones, Erica Plouffe Lazure, Douglas Milliken, Karla K. Morton, George Petty, Sally J. Pla, Karen Pojmann, Betsy Porter, Jessamine Price, Tim Rolands, Michelle Ross, Kari Shemwell, Maureen Sherbondy, K. J. Stevens, Marilyn Taylor, Rebecca Timson, Anne Vetter, Cady Vishniac, Vickie Weaver, and Jess Williard.

The Lascaux Prize 2017  The winners and finalists of The Lascaux Review’s flash fiction, short story, and poetry contests. Short works by Lauren Camp, Jeremy Cantor, Marie Chambers, Alexandra Comeaux, Valerie Cumming, Joseph Dante, Emile DeWeaver, Joe Dornich, Lydia Fitzpatrick, April Ford, Adriana Gardella, Mary Hennessy, Kathryn Bucolo Hill, Jackleen Holton, Landon Houle, Ronald Jackson, Amanda Kabak, Colette Langlois, Ríona Judge McCormack, Ed McManis, Martha Miller, Darren Morris, Van Newell, Timothy O’Leary, Mike O’Mary, Brenda Peynado, David Salner, JL Schneider, Kate E. Schultz, DeAnna Stephens, Neha Sud, Elizabeth Vignali, Cady Vishniac, Jeff Walt, and Alexander Weinstein.

The Lascaux Prize 2016  The winners and finalists of The Lascaux Review’s flash fiction, short story, and poetry contests. Short works by Allison Adair, Loren Bienvenu, Amy Bonnaffons, Christie Chapman, Melanie Cheng, Kevin Couture, Barbara Dahlberg, Hilary Dean, Gay Degani, Ryann Eastman, Jen Fawkes, Pete Fromm, Megan Gilmore, Jennifer Givhan, Don Hogle, Matt Hohner, Robin Hunter, Jeanne Julian, David Karosick, Scott Kauffman, Aimee LaBrie, Scott Lambridis, Marjorie Maddox, Cassidy McCants, Randi Miller, Eric Nelson, Valerie Nieman, Neleigh Olson, Melissa Ostrom, Brenda Peynado, Michael Pearce, Mark Ramirez, Brittney Scott, Karen Smyte, Chelsea Sutton, Bob Thurber, Marcia Walker, Luke Wortley, Ruth Wyer, Alexander Weinstein, and Elaine Zimmerman

The Lascaux Prize 2015  The winners and finalists of The Lascaux Review’s short story and poetry contests, plus editors’ picks in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Short works by Heather Altfeld, Michelle Collins Anderson, C. Wade Bentley, Kierstin Bridger, Janna Brooke Cohen, Susan Cohen, Chris Connolly, James Crews, Elizabeth Crowell, Emile DeWeaver, Jesse Mavro Diamond, Jennifer Dupree, Jen Fawkes, Doris Ferleger, Alexis Finc, Molly Fisk, Kim Garcia, Megan Gilmore, Jennifer Givhan, Perry Glasser, Alex Greenberg, Christina Hammerton, Matt Hohner, Andrea Hollander, Lesley Howard, David Jauss, Mathew Javidi, Abriana Jetté, Robert S. King, Jeffrey Kingman, Judith Lavinsky, R. Daniel Lester, Jenna Loceff, Louise Marburg, Lee Martin, Karen McIntyre, Carol Munn, Barry North, Jason Pollard, Karen Recht, Seth Sawyers, Anneliese Schultz, David Sloan, Colby Cedar Smith, Sheila Thorne, Elizabeth Harmon Threatt, Alexander Weinstein, and Jennifer Zobair.

The Lascaux Prize 2014  The winner and finalists of The Lascaux Review’s short story contest, plus flash fiction contest winners and editors’ picks of poetry and creative nonfiction. Short works by Jodi Barnes, David Buchanan, Justin Campbell, Malcolm Campbell, Suzanne Conboy-Hill, Matthew Corey, Camille Griep, Tony Hoagland, Karen Paul Holmes, Lois P. Jones, Joe Kapitan, Neil McCarthy, Linda McCullough Moore, Donna Miscolta, Maria Munro-Schuster, Erica Orloff, Dino Parenti, Luke Patterson, Lisa Pellegrini, Midge Raymond, Brett Garcia Rose, David Salner, Marjorie Saunders, Ashley Shelby, James Silberstein, Rosanna Staffa, Robin Stratton, Alexander Weinstein, and Lee Wright.

Portal 10: Speculative Fiction  Winner and finalists of the 2018 Portal 10 speculative fiction contest. Stories by Janet Barrow, Elizabeth Browne, Christopher Fox, Alice Hatcher, Alexander Jones, Larry Malchow, Sara Ramey, Sara Rivera, Charity Tahmaseb, and Tom Wharton.


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It all began around a campfire…

Beautiful language

is meant to be heard as well as read, and in fact words were vocalized eons before they were ever committed to clay or parchment. Storytelling began around campfires. We seek prose and poetry that continue the tradition.

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