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The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist

by Partridge Boswell
In the museum of trauma, you stand back at least ten feet from each painting. Out of respect for other patrons mainly and the tacit rules of viewing.


by B. Fulton Jennes
On Saturdays, our father loaded / his disappointment of daughters / into the back of the Chevy / and drove to the hardware store
Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

by John Glowney
And the gray patches of sky over the house today / are nothing that a fresh coat of paint and some lilacs / wouldn’t fix.
So Slow That It Sounds True

So Slow That It Sounds True

by Vanessa Tamm
You remember running barefoot on a long road that spiraled down a mountain, and the road was wet, and bits of gravel cut into your soles.


by Ja’net Danielo
Our lives are a series / of black gaps. Someone I love is dying & this is what / I say to myself, not knowing what it means.
Capturing the Scent of Rain

Capturing the Scent of Rain

by Karen Paul Holmes
Our ancestors taught us to love / the scent because we need rain / to survive
Lullaby for My Brother

Lullaby for My Brother

by Carmen Fought
When I listen for your heart / I listen with my hands, / I listen with a hand on your chest
You or Someone You Know

You or Someone You Know

by B.A. Van Sise
I like the South. It’s America’s side porch: a great place to hang out, watch the world go by, stay dry when a rainstorm hits as you watch and whisper we needed this.
It all began around a campfire…

Beautiful language

is meant to be heard as well as read, and in fact words were vocalized eons before they were ever committed to clay or parchment. Storytelling began around campfires. We seek prose and poetry that continue the tradition.

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