“Waiting by the Window,” oil on canvas, by Carl Holsoe, before 1935.

by Katie Tunning

I’m sorry for saying the heat death of the universe
when you asked what comforted me most
I misspoke, I meant to say

the heat death of the universe
and I meant to say I wasn’t sorry
and I meant to say nothing brings me comfort

and that I plan on keeping my eyes open
until the last moment, reaching what remains
of me toward what remains to be reached

and that I am trying to be clear
but clarity might be the glass
and I the bird

and anyway who doesn’t want
to throw a brick through
tomorrow’s window

and who doesn’t want
to be on the other side
to catch it?

omega man

Katie Tunning’s poems have appeared in Cider Press Review, Eclectica Magazine, Stirring, Triggerfish Critical Review, and elsewhere.