Everyone Who’s Ever Won Anything

“Oath of the Horatii,” oil on canvas, by Jacques-Louis David, 1784.

2023 Flash Fiction Winner

So Slow That It Sounds True, by Vanessa Tamm

2023 Flash Fiction Finalists

The Escape Artist, by Partridge Boswell
1969, by Kathryn Kulpa

2023 Poetry Winner

Capturing the Scent of Rain, by Karen Paul Holmes

2023 Poetry Finalists

Metastasis, by Ja’net Danielo
Sunday Morning, by John Glowney
Not, by B. Fulton Jennes
Watching You Nap Beneath a Faded Quilt, by Angela Chaidez Vincent

2022 Short Fiction Winner

Brooklyn Bridge, by Grace Shuyi Liew

2022 Short Fiction Finalists

Things Are Different Now, by Karen McIntyre
The Imbeciles, by Devon Ross

2022 Creative Nonfiction Winner

You or Someone You Know, by B.A. Van Sise

2022 Creative Nonfiction Finalists

Bulimics Go to the Gas Station, by Chloe Cook
Back to Me, by Stephanie Vanderslice

2022 Flash Fiction Winner

In the Museums of Heaven and Hell, by Goldie Goldbloom

2022 Flash FictionFinalists

Points of Entry, by Abbie Barker
The Marked Book, by Sean Gill
I Baked a Cake as Big as Our House, by Anna Mantzaris

2022 Poetry Winner

Glyphs of a Gentle Going, by B. Fulton Jennes

2022 Poetry Finalists

Ars Poetica With Clickbait, by Rebecca Foust
The Likes of Us, by Ken Holland
Send It, Send It, by Karen Paul Holmes
Sleep While the Baby Sleeps, by Jackleen Holton
How Time Works on the Southern Plains, by Justin Hunt
Toward the End of March, by Justin Hunt
Two-Man Saw, by B. Fulton Jennes
Night Flight, by Judy Kaber
The Night Yard, by Ellen Romano
Items on the Nebraska Homestead, 1889, by Pam Vap

2021 Poetry Winner

Saving Sgt. Billings, by Kari Gunter-Seymour

2021 Poetry Finalists

Directions Back to Childhood, by Judith Carroll
In Her Last Days, by Peter Dudley
Five Pieces to Assemble After the Quarantine, by Molly Lanzarotta
Gratitude, by Scudder Parker
The Poem of the World, by Scudder Parker
Pillow, by Claire Taylor
For an Osage Orange Tree (and the names she’ll answer to), by Angela Winsor

2021 Flash Fiction Winner

Some Things You’ll Do When You Would Rather Be Happy, by Laurie Marshall

2021 Flash Fiction Finalists

Museum of Grand Gestures, by Danielle Claro
Paper Saints, by Tommy Dean
Letter to My Coroner, by Christina Litchfield
Career Change, by Lisa K. Buchanan
The Wild Plums Are Blooming, by Mark Schimmoeller

2021 Creative Nonfiction Winner

Towel Racks, by Wilson M. Sims

2021 Creative Nonfiction Finalists

I Will Tell You This Much, and Then We’ll Never Talk About It, by April Ford
Cassandra’s Prophecy to No One in Particular, by Anna Hundert
After That, Try This:, by Christiana Louisa Langenberg
Distance, by Treena Thibodeau

2021 Short Fiction Winner

The Science Hour, by Paul Byall

2021 Short Fiction Finalists

Todd, by Matthew Farrell
Wandering Boy, by Jim Gish
The Faith Healer, by Ciera McElroy

2020 Poetry Winner

Bliss, by Jill Evans

2020 Poetry Finalists

On the Diamond Behind Garfield Elementary, Melvin White Proves There Is But One Boog Powell, by Roy Bentley
The Figure, by Joseph Fasano
Abeyance, by Rebecca Foust
Jenner Stones, by David Watts

2020 Flash Fiction Winner

There, I Said It, by Tori Malcangio

2020 Flash Fiction Finalists

Crashing, by Alle Hall
The Company of Shallow Holes, by Dino Parenti

2020 Creative Nonfiction Winner

Playground Doctrine, by Myna Chang

2020 Creative Nonfiction Finalists

My Stepmother, Myself, by Abi Stephenson
The Water Woman, by Judith Turner-Yamamoto

2020 Short Fiction Winner

Silent Night, by Mary Liza Hartong

2020 Short Fiction Finalist

The Noon Executions, by Susan Gelles

2019 Poetry Winner

When You Are Invisible, You Can Say Anything, by Valentina Gnup

2019 Poetry Finalists

Survival Guide for a Depressive, by Lisa Dordal
The Work in Progress, by Jonathan Greenhause
The Facts, by Patricia Hale
She Knows the Names of Shells, by Karen Paul Holmes
A Body in Motion, by Edison Jennings
On Learning That My Daughter’s Rapist Has Been Taught to Write a Poem, by Katharyn Howd Machan

2019 Flash Fiction Winner

Joshua, by Jordana Jacobs

2019 Flash Fiction Finalists

Gaze, by Alexandra Grimm
If It Were You, by Kyra Kondis
Three Pictures of My Father That Survived the Great Divorce Purge of 1977, by Kathryn Kulpa
Limerence, by A.D. Lauren-Abunassar

2019 Creative Nonfiction Winner

The Iranian Blue-Glazed Pottery, by Lynn Mundell

2019 Creative Nonfiction Finalists

Love For Sale, by Benjamin Aleshire
Dear Madeleine, by Stephanie Vanderslice

2019 Short Fiction Winner

Candy: A Teenage Gospel, by Tommy Dean

2019 Short Fiction Finalists

Remains, by Maureen Simons

2018 Poetry Winner

Ode to a Bee on the Small of Your Back, by Partridge Boswell

2018 Poetry Finalists

Pit-Stop Sisters, by Threa Almontaser
Compulsory, by Derek Annis
Leaving the Garden, by Tom Boswell
Handstitch, by Carlos Andrés Gómez
Constellation of Bones, by torrin a. greathouse
Washing Red Leaf Lettuce, by Margaret Koger
Monday Nights at Michigan’s Only Women’s Correctional Facility, by Isabel Mae
Surrender, She Said, by Steve McDonald
In Conversation With Yet Another Therapist I Stopped Seeing, by Bailey Merlin
The Voice of Someone Other, by Robert Murray
Revenants, by Claire Scott
On the Anniversary of Your Infidelity, by Leona Sevick
Train at Night in the Desert, by Amie Sharp
When I Was Straight, by Julie Marie Wade
Little Emotions, by Mary Wolff

2018 Flash Fiction Winner

Aim, by Rebecca Foust

2018 Flash Fiction Finalists

How to Make the Squirrels Jealous, by George Choundas
Cranberry’s Last Dance, by Sean Gill
Roll and Curl, by Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Pushing a Prayer, by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill
Childish Things, by Suki Litchfield
Review, by Sue Showalter

2018 Short Story Winner

Palloncino, by Lauren Lynn Matheny

2018 Short Story Finalists

Bargains, by Margaret Adams
Like the Leg of a Y, by Katherine Ayars
Orange Crush, by Karlyn Coleman
Born From Red, by Stephanie Hutton
The Meantime, by Zoë Johnson
Pocket Full of Posies, by Miriam Karmel
Black Velvet Band, by Karen McIntyre
A Mouth is a House for Teeth, by Michelle Ross
Paper Cut, by Clare Weze
Dandelion, by Olga Zilberbourg

2018 Editor’s Choice Award

Freddy Krueger is Not Real: The Dream of a Burn Survivor, by Dina Peone

2017 Poetry Winner

Foal, by Lois P. Jones

2017 Poetry Finalists

Girl Unforgotten, by Anna Bernstein
My Parents Jitterbug at Weddings, by Bethany Bowman
Serving, by Kari Gunter-Seymour
The Whole Pie, by Maurine Haltiner
Outside of the World, by Lois P. Jones
Holy Jesus Miracle Temple Ribs, by Karla K. Morton
Song of the Dunghill Beetles, by George Petty
Respire, by Karen Pojmann
Vertigo at Wolf Gap, by Jessamine Price
Funeral Arrangements, by Tim Rolands
My Father Returns from New York City, by Maureen Sherbondy
If, in October, by Marilyn Taylor
Stick Figure, by Rebecca Timson
No Nice Guys, by Anne Vetter
Love Letter for Floyd Patterson, by Jess Williard

2017 Flash Fiction Winner

Clemency, by Cady Vishniac

2017 Flash Fiction Finalists

Marriage Counseling, by Jackleen Holton
A Tragedy, a Process, An Adjustment, by Betsy Porter
Prologue, by Michelle Ross
Shirt Eater, by Kari Shemwell
A Mystery, by KJ Stevens
Crossing, by Vickie Weaver

2017 Short Story Winner

Bystander, by Jen Bergmark

2017 Short Story Finalists

Eastbound Train, by Andrea Hansell
Glossolalia, by David Jauss
Cadence, by Erica Plouffe Lazure
Blue of the World, by Douglas W. Milliken
Out of the Bag, by Sally J. Pla
With Baby Wynona, by Cady Vishniac

2016 Poetry Winner

Cheerleaders Practicing in Eveleth MN, by David Salner

2016 Poetry Finalists

A Precise Small Thing, by Lauren Camp
Her Husband Considers the Words of Picasso, by Jeremy Cantor
I Read in the New York Times, by Marie Chambers
Heathens at Thanksgiving, by Joseph Dante
If I Have a Daughter, by April Ford
Winter Solstice, by Mary Hennessy
Statues, by Ed McManis
Blackout, by JL Schneider
Object of Art, by Kate E. Schultz
Bundt Season, by DeAnna Stephens
How to Say Goodbye, by Neha Sud
Jackie, by Elizabeth Vignali
Morning Sickness, by Cady Vishniac
Three Drunk Angels, by Jeff Walt

2016 Flash Fiction Winner

Rocket Night, by Alexander Weinstein

2016 Flash Fiction Finalists

Warning, by Alexandra Comeaux
Family Dinner, by Valerie Cumming
We Can Go Faster, by Kathryn Bucolo Hill
The Other Baby, by Jackleen Holton
When Trapped in a Car Under Water, by Landon Houle
The Glove, by Ronald Jackson
Fifteen Silver Shillings, by Ríona Judge McCormack
The Gold, by Darren Morris

2016 Short Story Winner

Yellow Paper, by Amanda Kabak

2016 Short Story Finalists

Cry on Command, by Joe Dornich
Safety, by Lydia Fitzpatrick
The Emigrants, by Colette Langlois
Skin to Skin, by Martha Miller
A Can of Ice-Cold Sunkist Soda, by Van Newell
Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face, by Timothy O’Leary
The Stones of Sorrow Lake, by Brenda Peynado

2015 Poetry Winner

The Polar Bear, by Jennifer Givhan

2015 Poetry Finalists

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 1980, by Barbara Dahlberg
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory: March 25, 1911 Sestina, by Megan Gilmore
Vocabulary Lesson, by Don Hogle
Saratoga Passage, August 2014, by Matt Hohner
Mascot, by Jeanne Julian
Art, by Eric Nelson
Choice of Words, by Valerie Nieman
Autumn, Six Months Later, by Michael Pearce
Jealousy, by Mark Ramirez
Faith in Love and Quantum Physics, by Brittney Scott
Reparations, by Luke Wortley
Newtown, Hearing, by Elaine Zimmerman

2015 Flash Fiction Winner

Dragging Raven Lake, by Kevin Couture

2015 Flash Fiction Finalists

How Did It End? by Allison Adair
Shades, by Loren Bienvenu
The Best, by Amy Bonnaffons
Enablers, by Christie Chapman
Heaven Spoils, by Gay Degani
Quakes, by Ryann Eastman
Well Built Men, 18 to 30, Who Would Like to Be Eaten by Me, by Jen Fawkes
Lazy Lies, by Robin Hunter
Let’s Not Move to Poland, by David Karosick
Ohio Grass, by Scott Kauffman
Brizls, by Scott Lambridis
I Shouldn’t Send This, by Cassidy McCants
Like Snowflakes, by Neleigh Olson
The Hardship of the Insufficiently Afflicted, by Melissa Ostrom
Anya, by Karen Smyte
Our Trip to the Moon, by Bob Thurber
The Neurotic’s Guide to Navigating Breakfast, by Ruth Wyer

2015 Short Story Winner

Promises, by Hilary Dean

2015 Short Story Finalists

Allomother, by Melanie Cheng
Grief, by Pete Fromm
A Good Thing, by Aimee LaBrie
Crowned, by Marjorie Maddox
The Complications of Friendship, by Randi Miller
We Work in Miraculous Cages, by Brenda Peynado
The Tick and the Tocking, by Chelsea Sutton
A Meditation on Dresses, by Marcia Walker
Children of the New World, by Alexander Weinstein

2014 Poetry Winner

Sefeed, by Mathew Javidi

2014 Poetry Finalists

User, by Heather Altfeld
God Bless, by C. Wade Bentley
Manifest, by Kierstin Bridger
Viewing Guernica in Madrid, by Susan Cohen
My Father Asks for One Last Thing, by James Crews
Hermes in Hades, by Elizabeth Crowell
Chetwynd Morning, by Jesse Mavro Diamond
What I Mean by Beauty, by Doris Ferleger
Line of Scrimmage, by Alexis Finc
They call all experience of the senses mystic, when the experience is considered, by Kim Garcia
one sentence on the old house, by Megan Gilmore
Karaoke Night at the Asylum, by Jennifer Givhan
Boarding Up, by Alex Greenberg
Crisis Hotline, by Christina Hammerton
The Maximum Effective Range, by Matt Hohner
Living Room, by Andrea Hollander
You Are Not Here, by David Jauss
The Drift, by Abriana Jetté
The Traveling Voice, by Jeffrey Kingman
By the River Bank’s Edge, by Carol Munn
The Night Before, by Barry North
Living Too Long, by David Sloan
Each Photograph That You Take of Me, by Colby Cedar Smith
The Dreams of Daughters, by Elizabeth Harmon Threatt

2014 Short Story Winner

The Imminence of Flight, by Chris Connolly

2014 Short Story Finalists

Cancer (& Other Unforgivable Curses), by Michelle Collins Anderson
Campaigning, by Janna Brooke Cohen
Linda Peterson Sounds Like a Reasonable Name, by Jennifer Dupree
Rebirth of the Big Top, by Jen Fawkes
Satan Takes 12 Steps, by Perry Glasser
Her Mother’s Ghost, by Lesley Howard
Thy Neighbor as Thyself, by Judith Lavinsky
Broken. Everything. by R. Daniel Lester
Cigarettes and Birdhouses, by Jenna Loceff
Crazy Talk, by Louise Marburg
The Amazing Adventures of Hannah O’Hare, by Karen McIntyre
Gathering Moss, by Jason Pollard
Noblesse Oblige, by Karen Recht
The Edible and the Beauteous and the Dead, by Anneliese Schultz
We’re Standing on a Shallow Sea, by Sheila Thorne
The Cartographers, by Alexander Weinstein

2014 Lascaux 250 Winner

Counting, by Jodi Barnes

2014 Lascaux 250 Finalists

Ages, by Emma McMorran Clark
Faking It, by Katie Cortese
Hurricane Sandy, by Craig Czury
To Make a Man, by Maggie Libby Davis
Wishing Fountain, by Epiphany Ferrell
Stay a While, by Heidi Heimler
12303 Boyd Road, by Ashley Hutson
The Refractive Index for Human Skin is 1.44, by Andy Lavender
Moving Day, by Betsy Locke
Incarnate, by Dino Parenti
Murmurs, by Lisa Pellegrini
Orbiting, Day 271, by Bradley Potts
Shadow Pets, by Jonathan Todd Riley
Grief Measured, by Chelsea Resnick
Cold Snap, by Darrelyn Saloom
New Mexico, by Deb Smith
The Library of Failures, by Alexander Weinstein
Sundays for the Faithful, by J.H Yun

2013 Short Story Winner

Ana’s Dance, by Donna Miscolta

2013 Short Story Finalists

Angel and the Day Before, by Matthew Corey
Auspice, by James Silberstein
A West Virginia Walk-up, by David Salner
Bedtime Stories, by Justin Campbell
Brothers of the Salvageable Crust, by Joe Kapitan
Columbus Road, by David Buchanan
Confetti, by Brett Garcia Rose
Dream of Crows, by Malcolm Campbell
Entropy, by Dino Parenti
Final Dispositions, by Linda McCullough Moore
Ma Writing, by Robin Stratton
My Father’s Ghost, by Lee Wright
Puddles Like Pillows, by Suzanne Conboy-Hill
Pull a Titus, by Ashley Shelby
The Road to Hana, by Midge Raymond
Saying Goodbye to Yang, by Alexander Weinstein
Settling Gwendolyn, by Maria Munro-Schuster
Sophie Tucker’s Dress, by Marjorie Saunders
Watch Me, by Rosanna Staffa

2013 Lascaux 250 Winner

Circumstances, by Camille Griep

2013 Lascaux 250 Finalists

7-11, by Jamie Burke
Ass Kicker, by Meg Czaszwicz Burke
House Gone Blind, by Douglas Campbell
The Cure, by Emma McMorran Clark
Catch and Release, by Thom Gabrukiewicz
The Ramifications of Might and Maybe, by Ian Hilgendorf
Absolution, by Jodi McMaster
Remains, by Dino Parenti
Room on a High Floor, by Mihael Rourke
Salvation, by Debbie Simorte
Consumed, by D.A. Spruzen
You Were Never Lovelier, by Jasmine M. Templet
Escape Mechanism, by Josh Vogt

2012 Lascaux 250 Winner

Visitation Rights, by Dino Parenti

2012 Lascaux 250 finalists

The Way the World Ends, by Josh Vogt
The Old Quilt, by Lee Wright
Revenge Served Hot, by Mary McCluskey
Daddy’s Little Girl, by Sarah Laurenson
Less Than the Moon, by Donna D. Vitucci
Between Life and Death, by Heidi Heim
Mousetrap Thievery, by Chelsea Resnick

It all began around a campfire…

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is meant to be heard as well as read, and in fact words were vocalized eons before they were ever committed to clay or parchment. Storytelling began around campfires. We seek prose and poetry that continue the tradition.

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