“Black Brook,” oil on canvas, by John Singer Sargent, 1908.

by Susan Trofimow

My daughter’s car remains
parked in our driveway
as it has each day for the past
two months. Her keys idle
in a tray by the door.

This morning, beyond our fence,
parents in their usual routine—
a trail of butterfly backpacks
and superhero shirts, all moving
in the same direction.

While I make coffee, the autumn sun
brightens her car’s small body, easing
its dents and scrapes, reflecting
off the dark windows,
each one sealed tight.

Susan Trofimow is a writer currently living in Boston, MA. Her work can be found in various journals including Atticus Review, 8 Poems, Parentheses Journal, Whale Road Review, Rattle, and other publications.