Dr. Seuss’s biographer on unpublishing six of his books
Six Dr. Seuss books scrapped due to racism
Hugh Howey’s publishing values
Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti has died
Bookstore sales fell 28.3% in 2020
Ebook price fixing suit expands to big five
Recent Fiction

Crystal Pigs, by Allison Brice

I took my breakup quietly, like a pitiful February rain with no lightning.
Recent Poetry

Changing Hearts, by David Watts

I heard for the second time / the news of his heart transplant, / details like a post card from a foreign country
Recent CNF

My Stepmother, Myself, by Abi Stephenson

She didn’t have to love me. Biology didn’t force her hand the way it does for mothers.
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Zilla, 2015

Zilla, 2015

by Jeff Somers
When she signed the lease and moved her stuff into the place, she knew she was leaning into a decline she’d begun some time before.
Wapiti Nocturne

Wapiti Nocturne

by Douglas W. Milliken
Mum died in the last days of October, leaving—among other things—a lot of fall-time chores incomplete.


by Lauren Lynn Matheny
Whatever the color, there had been a balloon. There had been a boy. And there had been a fall.
Five Short Poems

Five Short Poems

by Simon Perchik
These gravestones left stranded / warped from sunrises and drift / —they need paint, tides, a hull


by Kari Gunter-Seymour
Remember that time your dog died and I didn’t tell you for months
My Broken Brain

My Broken Brain

by Angie Ellis
I keep a list of songs I know well, so that if I get dementia people can reach the real me hidden inside my broken brain.
White Chrysanthemums

White Chrysanthemums

by Lori Nevole
My first girlfriend was Catholic, and thought no one would know she was a lesbian if she kept up a great manicure.

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by Sarah Freligh

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