Whoever thought there’d be a MakeDisneyPay task force?
Philip Roth bio halted by publisher
HarperCollins to acquire HMH Trade
Phantom Tollbooth author Norton Juster has died
Dr. Seuss’s biographer on unpublishing six of his books
Recent Fiction

Silent Night, by Mary Liza Hartong

Winter was still holding onto spring like a child who refuses to leave her blanket at home.
Recent Poetry

Thirteen, by Rebecca Foust

I was thirteen, and there was a boy’s mouth / where my legs met.
Recent CNF

Thank You, Girls!, by Dvora Wolff Rabino

I’m culling needless items from kitchen, baths, and linen closets. I’m curating friendships. Now it’s your turn to go.
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by Katie Manning
“And you know what the raven says.”


by Jordana Jacobs
Inside the ovaries of my husband’s grandmother, Sylvie, resided an egg the size of a grain of sand that would have been Hannah, my brilliant and accomplished mother-in-law.
Zilla, 2015

Zilla, 2015

by Jeff Somers
When she signed the lease and moved her stuff into the place, she knew she was leaning into a decline she’d begun some time before.
Wapiti Nocturne

Wapiti Nocturne

by Douglas W. Milliken
Mum died in the last days of October, leaving—among other things—a lot of fall-time chores incomplete.


by Lauren Lynn Matheny
Whatever the color, there had been a balloon. There had been a boy. And there had been a fall.

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by Lee Martin

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