Obama memoir sets records for PRH
PRH buys Simon & Schuster for $2 billion
Audible adjusts its return policy following complaints
Joy Harjo to serve a third term as US Poet Laureate
Disney gives authors the shaft
National Book Award winners announced
Recent Fiction

There, I Said It, by Tori Malcangio

In the dark, from my twin bed, I listen to Romy and her latest visitor in the sheets.
Recent Poetry

Lunchtime at the Café Buade, Quebec City, by Barbara P. Greenbaum

There is a woman in the booth next to us. / She looks at me as I remove my new hat.
Recent CNF

Big Girls Like Us, by Kelly Flynn

Every time I see my father, he asks me if I have lost weight. He has done this since I was a child.
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by Jordana Jacobs
Inside the ovaries of my husband’s grandmother, Sylvie, resided an egg the size of a grain of sand that would have been Hannah, my brilliant and accomplished mother-in-law.
Zilla, 2015

Zilla, 2015

by Jeff Somers
When she signed the lease and moved her stuff into the place, she knew she was leaning into a decline she’d begun some time before.
Wapiti Nocturne

Wapiti Nocturne

by Douglas W. Milliken
Mum died in the last days of October, leaving—among other things—a lot of fall-time chores incomplete.


by Lauren Lynn Matheny
Whatever the color, there had been a balloon. There had been a boy. And there had been a fall.
Five Short Poems

Five Short Poems

by Simon Perchik
These gravestones left stranded / warped from sunrises and drift / —they need paint, tides, a hull


by Kari Gunter-Seymour
Remember that time your dog died and I didn’t tell you for months

Book du jour
by Katie Manning

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