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Phantom Tollbooth author Norton Juster has died
Dr. Seuss’s biographer on unpublishing six of his books
Six Dr. Seuss books scrapped due to racism
Hugh Howey’s publishing values
Recent Fiction

Crystal Pigs, by Allison Brice

I took my breakup quietly, like a pitiful February rain with no lightning.
Recent Poetry

Changing Hearts, by David Watts

I heard for the second time / the news of his heart transplant, / details like a post card from a foreign country
Recent CNF

My Stepmother, Myself, by Abi Stephenson

She didn’t have to love me. Biology didn’t force her hand the way it does for mothers.
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Elegy for a Living Mother

Elegy for a Living Mother

by Renee Agatep
When she finally dies / she’ll meekly ask God why was it all / clattering highchairs, whiskers on stained sinks
Jenner Stones

Jenner Stones

by David Watts
At Jenner-by-the-Sea we scurry / over boulders to the place / where the breakers bear down


by Rebecca Foust
I made soup tonight, with cabbage, chard / and thyme picked outside our back door.
The Figure

The Figure

by Joseph Fasano
You sit at a window and listen to your father / crossing the dark grasses of the fields


by Jill Evans
In the cool morning, bright-hot now from his bath, / my child’s child leans into my lap
How Unbecoming

How Unbecoming

by Katie Tunning
I’m sorry for saying the heat death of the universe / when you asked what comforted me most


by Maureen Simons
They came back every year to lay flowers at the spot. Two little girls, hand in hand, walked soundlessly up Nora’s driveway.

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