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Lullaby for My Brother

Lullaby for My Brother

by Carmen Fought
When I listen for your heart / I listen with my hands, / I listen with a hand on your chest
You or Someone You Know

You or Someone You Know

by B.A. Van Sise
I like the South. It’s America’s side porch: a great place to hang out, watch the world go by, stay dry when a rainstorm hits as you watch and whisper we needed this.
If I Ever Have a Daughter

If I Ever Have a Daughter

by Chris Atkin
If I ever have a daughter I hope she knows / that even though her father’s bones / are made of mountains, in these hands / she will find nothing but softness


by Sarah Freligh
My mother is crying again, and we’re laughing / at her because we know nothing of loss and its sad math


by LaVie Saad
It’s a traditional house, because every morning when the sun rises, when sweet yellow rays reach to kiss our bronze skin through the hand-sewn curtains and double-paneled windows, they only find mine.
Things Are Different Now

Things Are Different Now

by Karen McIntyre
Every morning, I make a neat grid with 10 perfectly square boxes, each square worth 100 calories, and that’s what I get for the day.
Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

by Grace Shuyi Liew
As soon as I’m released to the store floor, I turn against the company. I scan every third item the customers bring to the register. Buy one item, get two free.
I Fail My Step-Daughter

I Fail My Step-Daughter

by Cecil Morris
I was her second-chance, replacement dad, / a do-over daddy meant to keep her safe
It all began around a campfire…

Beautiful language

is meant to be heard as well as read, and in fact words were vocalized eons before they were ever committed to clay or parchment. Storytelling began around campfires. We seek prose and poetry that continue the tradition.

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