Checking Out

by Claire Matturro
Checking out in a long line / my mind on what the hell / I’m fixing for supper / I notice the guy in front of / me has a gun strapped to his hip

If it Wasn’t for You

by Bill Ratner
I’d be a baby without skin, a parrot / without a little soap-shaped food cake, / a truck driver out of a job.


by Roy Bentley
I was raised with religion, if you count my granny Potter / reading to me from The King James Bible

Three Prose Poems

by Kathleen Rooney
This day could use the excitement of receiving a surprise package. Even better if that package reads THIS SIDE UP.

Caney Fork

by Annette Sisson
Autumn crisps the tapering light, / oak pulls on its auburn duster.


by Scudder Parker
The peonies and gladiolas are more / seductive every fall.

Five Pieces to Assemble After the Quarantine

by Molly Lanzarotta
The lover who decides to stay / understands—like you, standing too close on the train— / it’s all about the distance we keep, or give away.


by Claire Taylor
yes, my love / I know / a pillow can be forts and mountains / stepping-stones that slide / on hardwood floors and end / in tears.

The Poem of the World

by Scudder Parker
reveals itself / like a doe’s hoof tapping ice / till she can drink.