Why B&N’s model isn’t working.
CreateSpace is merging into KDP Print.
Unhinged gains traction in first week.
Long time NAR editor Robley Wilson has died.


by Jen Bergmark

Technically, you needed only one eye to take a photo, but you needed the other to see.

Living With Lies

Living With Lies

by Gita M. Smith

Whenever someone asks me, “So, what do you do?” I like to say, “I am a crash test dummy tech for the National Highway Traffic Safety folks.”



by Cady Vishniac

A dead ringer for Josey. She sneezes as she walks into the pharmacy, and I look up from the newspaper I’m not supposed to be reading.

Yellow Paper

Yellow Paper

by Amanda Kabak

Now that Kate was safely out of the way—silenced permanently in a corner plot with a view of the freeway—the pedigreed vultures swooped in.

Boys’ Life/Rough Frontiers

Boys’ Life/Rough Frontiers

by Douglas W. Milliken

The only work he could find was at the truckers’ paradise on the north side of town where the main drag reverts into a numbered highway heading straight into whatever freezing nothing abounds above us.

Follow Me

Follow Me

by Carol Malkin

Sara sat next to Teddy. Her eyes never left the Honda, though Teddy knew Sara’s thoughts were elsewhere. Sara had selected the young girl, and Teddy and Sara had trailed her from the noisy waterfront club.

Rocket Night

Rocket Night

by Alexander Weinstein

It was Rocket Night at our daughter’s elementary school, the night when parents, students, and administrators gather to place the least-liked child in a rocket and shoot him into the stars.

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Kazuo Ishiguro won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature

A novel about trees by NBA winner Richard Powers

Soars up through the canopy of American literature —Ron Charles, Washington Post

The true story of a wilderness girl turned socialite

Concise, thoughtful, and well-researched —Kirkus Reviews

A provocative debut about the emotional price of success

Beautifully imagined and flawlessly executed —Joyce Carol Oates

A poetry debut that boldly confronts addiction

An electric current runs through the collection that keeps the reader going —Library Journal (starred review)


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