Rowling in Twitter war with Trump supporters.
Baileys ends sponsorship of Women’s Prize.
Roxane Gay cancels book over Yiannopoulous controversy.
Sales of Orwell’s 1984 surge on heels of #alternativefacts.
Trump proposes eliminating arts & humanities funds.
Looking back at publishing in 2016.
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The Ultimate

by Robin Becker

I’m a line-sit for the Ultimate Roller Coaster. At first, I thought the job would be depressing, everyone standing in line waiting to ride-n-die, but what I do is altruistic.

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The Burning Girl

by Davin Malasarn

She told him to lie on the floor. His father lit tall, yellow candles and placed them in cups of sand on the shrine. They covered him in a tablecloth that his aunt crocheted herself.

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by Janice D. Soderling

One day he was cock-of-the-walk, full of jokes and juice, strumming his guitar, waxing the big fins on his red Chevy, knowing another woman in the biblical sense.

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by Sarah Hina

Brake lights on a highway. Not her favorite sight. It must be an accident. Or road construction. Either way, it wasn’t right. Not when they were so close to home. Not after their day.

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