Oh, if Mark Gottlieb’s daddy weren’t the boss . . .
Amazon removes racist products.
The Danielle Smith fallout.
Cockygate stops crowing.
Poetry reading at a 15 year high.
B&N boots yet another CEO.

Bystander, by Jen Bergmark
The pond, manmade, felt real in a city with a concrete trench for a river.

Some Things Are Decided Before You Are Born, by Marissa Glover
Doctors cannot tell you when you’re born / how many pitches your arm contains.

Heaven, by Mike O’Mary
When I was a kid, one of the highlights of the holiday season was driving around town looking at everyone’s Christmas decorations.

In The Limelight: Where is Poetry Now? by Henri Cole, et al. at The Paris Review


by Jen Bergmark

Technically, you needed only one eye to take a photo, but you needed the other to see.



by Lois P. Jones

In your next life you will be / birthed in needles / of hoarfrost, your eyes still / in the blue gauze between

The Mourner’s Song

The Mourner’s Song

by Roy White

You can die in January if you want, / and lots of people do, but this far north, / nobody gets into the ground till spring.



by Mike O’Mary

“Put on your winter coat and get a warm blanket,” I told my daughter. “We’re going out to look at Christmas lights.”



by Joseph Fasano

You’ve seen them in the deep sleep / of the season: figures sitting in a garden, / light on their faces as you enter.

Living With Lies

Living With Lies

by Gita M. Smith

Whenever someone asks me, “So, what do you do?” I like to say, “I am a crash test dummy tech for the National Highway Traffic Safety folks.”



by Cady Vishniac

A dead ringer for Josey. She sneezes as she walks into the pharmacy, and I look up from the newspaper I’m not supposed to be reading.

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