Rowling in Twitter war with Trump supporters.
Baileys ends sponsorship of Women’s Prize.
Roxane Gay cancels book over Yiannopoulous controversy.
Sales of Orwell’s 1984 surge on heels of #alternativefacts.
Trump proposes eliminating arts & humanities funds.
Looking back at publishing in 2016.
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The Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction and the Lascaux Book Prize are both open for submission.

omega man

Contributor Hélène Cardona’s new poetry collection is now available on Amazon.

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Alexander Weinstein has won the 2016 Lascaux Prize in Flash Fiction with “Rocket Night.”


The Lascaux Review seeks stories, poems, essays, and works of art that share a message and have a broad appeal. The review has published work by Tony Hoagland, Lee Martin, Hélène Cardona, Simon Perchik, Robley Wilson, Philip Appleman, Erica Orloff, and many other literary and commercial writers. New and emerging writers are given careful consideration. See the Submissions and Contests pages for information about sharing work with The Lascaux Review.

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The 2017 Lascaux Prize in Flash Fiction is open for submissions. Winner receives $1000. Winner and all finalists will appear in The 2018 Lascaux Prize Anthology.

Visit the contests page for more information.


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